Thursday, December 12, 2013

Elf on a Shelf ~ Our Month so Far

As promised, here are some of the fun things Marshmallow has been up to. David and I have had so much fun getting everything ready every night. Seeing Sydney's reaction is priceless and she has had many secret conversations with her little Elf friend. 

December 2 ~ Sprinkle Snow Angles

December 3 ~ Slinkie Bungee Jump

December 4 ~ Covered in Stickers

December 5 ~ Cup Pyramid

December 6 ~ Present Cheater

December 7 ~ Chalkboard Message

December 8 ~ Riding the Train (We have a video that I will post later)

December 9 ~ Hiding in the Tree

December 10 ~ Climbing the Blinds

December 11 ~ Streamer Blockade (Covering Sydney's Door)

December 12 ~ Fishing for Barry

Mrs. E

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