Monday, December 2, 2013

It's That Time of the Year

I have been so busy with a major project (more on that later) that I haven't had any time to post!

I am covered in paint and exhausted.... but the house is slowly starting to come together for the holiday season. We actually decorated our house on November 21 but I have been sitting on these photos since then. We are really trying to establish traditions for our littles and one of those traditions is decorating the house as a family. We listen to Christmas music while we look at all our special ornaments and decorations. David and I share a bottle o champagne and Sydney has a Hot Chocolate (Henry can have one next year).

This is the first year that Sydney has really gotten involved in decorating. She helped us hang all of the ornaments and wrapped ribbon around the pillars with us. She could not have been more excited to get the house ready for Santa. Henry hung out in his swing (which we decorated for the occasion) and squealed happily when we turned the lights on. 

The entire night was perfect. I love spending these special moments with our little family. I feel like a kid again seeing everything through the eyes of our children and I honestly could not be happier. 

Check out our two new travel ornaments below (Las Vegas and Banff). We neglected to get one in Phoenix, Vancouver or Coeur d'Alene

Mrs. E

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