Sunday, December 22, 2013

Syd Reunites With Elmo

This little preschooler still has major love for one little red furry guy named Elmo. 

I first took her to see Elmo last year with my dad. It was like she was meeting the Beatles. The excitement in the room was incredible and I have never seen so many kids absolutely thrilled to see a dancing and talking puppet. I cried watching Sydney have such an amazing reaction to something and this time it was my moms turn to cry. 

I picked up tickets for my mom, step-dad, Sydney and I a few weeks in advance. I knew David had to work so I asked his parents to watch Henry for me.... he is still a little bit young for Elmo. We didn't tell Syd where we were going but strategically dressed her in her coolest Elmo hoodie. When she finally figured out what we were doing she was beyond excited!

We got to our seats just in time for the show to start. She danced, sang, and pointed at the stag through the whole show. We had popcorn and bought balloons and had such an incredible time. I love doing small things like this for her. It is an experience that she will not remember when she gets older... but I will. I took a million pictures and lots of video to show her when she is old enough to appreciate it. 

Mrs. E

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