Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Festival of Trees

I am so, so very behind on the blog! Sorry guys. 

This actually happened a couple of weeks ago. Our city runs an incredible Festival of Trees that is full of beautiful decorations and activities for families. David had not been since a child and neither had Kendra. Kendra's husband Rene and his mother Sylvia had never been! I decided that it was about time that we all head down to enjoy ourselves and get in the Christmas spirit. 

We packed up the kids and headed down. Kendra took Henry in the carrier and David and I chased Sydney around like crazy. She wanted to try everything! We started with the story nook where she and David sat and enjoyed a story....

We followed that up with a visit to the play Hospital where Sydney and Henry got bandaids and hospital bracelets. Sydney then checked out some x-rays, had her O2 levels checked, put the organs back into a wood reindeer, and had a glittery finger cast put on. 

We walked around and took in some of the gorgeous decorations. My favourite was the wrapping paper tree and the knit tree (photos below). 

Our last stop was the Heart Institute booth. Those of you who know us well, know that supporting heart research is very important to us. My mom had a very unusual blockage right before our wedding and underwent an emergency double bypass. Sydney was able to experience life in the ICU and operating rooms.... complete with lab coat and defibrillator. 

When the day was done we had one tired little peanut, a group of adults in the Christmas spirit and one mega happy little girl. 

Mrs. E

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  1. Did you know that they use nursing slave labour for the hospital booth? I remember in nursing school it was mandatory that you had to go volunteer. I was not impressed!