Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Henry ~ 8 Months

This little guy is still little.... big he sure is growing up!

I am a little late on this post because of Christmas, but Henry turned 8 months old on Christmas Eve! For some reason 8 months just seems so much older than 7. He is still a teeny peanut weighing in at 16lbs 4oz and 71.5cm tall. That officially puts him under the tenth percentile for weight. It's a stark contrast to who sister who was consistently in the 90+ percentiles! Just because he is small does not mean he is falling behind. He has mastered an army crawl that gets him around the house efficiently. We have been on baby proof high alert lately trying to keep him out of things he should not be getting into. He still only says "dadadadada" and "bababababa". I have reeeeeally been pushing for a little "mamamama" action. Henry still adores his sister and looks up to her so much. They are playing together a lot more and I often catch glimpses of what the future will hold for their relationship. He can sit on his own and two solid meals a day as well as breastfeeding every three hours (like a champ!). We have started working on baby sign language with him and he is beginning to make the milk sign when I show him how to do it. So exciting!

Before we know it our little guy will be three quarters of the way through his first year!

Mrs. E

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