Saturday, January 11, 2014


I have been so absent from the blog lately. 

To be honest, our life is just a little but overwhelming lately. Over the holidays we decided that I will be returning to work full time (*sob*) and that we will be developing our unfinished basement for the nanny we will be bringing in from oversees. You heard me right... we are hiring a live-in nanny. 

This decision has been really hard on us and as soon as we got home from Christmas in Lethbridge we had to jump into planning everything full on. There is no time to mess around because my first day back to work is scheduled on April 28th! To say that I am panicked is a complete understatement. The paperwork involved with bringing in an out of country nanny is huge and the basement reno is just adding to the stress. Nothing like working under the gun!

I will try to keep you updated along the way. But for now, I just ask for a little patience with me as I try to return to regular blogging. Life is getting interesting over here!

Mrs. E

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