Friday, June 10, 2011

Life With a Four Month Old

I love, love, love being a mom.

Sydney is four months old now and our life with her is getting so exciting! She has changed soooo much and is turning into quite the little lady. Syd is much stronger and likes to spend most of the day standing while holding our hands. She is becoming more and more independent and is learning to entertain herself.

She has become such a chatty cathy. The house is always filled with her happy squeals and loving coos and I love it. She is certainly getting noticed in public... she has not yet learned what an inside voice is so she quite often screams loudly just to hear her own voice.

Syd is also pre-teething so she is a constant fountain of drool.... most of my clothes have been covered in drool and she has learned to blow bubbles (which is cute and gross all at the same time).

All in all... life is great!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Busy Lives = No Blogging

It has been rather insane for our family in the last month or so. Unfortunately, this has led to a serious lack of blogging.

I actually feel a little guilty. I completely missed the 3 month update on Sydney and so many other exciting things have not been documented properly.

I have been planning a kids Triathlon in conjunction with a huge pro race coming to Edmonton and it has taken over all of my spare time. Sydney has been an incredible little girl and follows me to all of my meetings and events. I love her uncontrollably for how amazing she has been with our busy schedule.

I have so many things to update you on.... but for now, take a look at the newly updated videos and I will get back to blogging on a regular basis soon.


Long Awaited Video Updates!