Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Henry's Hockey Game

I don't know what you were really into as a kid.... But Henry is seriously into Hockey!

I still can't believe how young our tiny dude was when he started paying attention to the game and cheering on our beloved Edmonton Oilers. He has been playing "Hockey" with his mini hockey stick for about a year and constantly tells us that he is going to play hockey like the "big boys" when he is old enough. David has been taking him skating whenever he can and he is happy to glide around the ice on his bob skates and fall on the ice. The kid is ready to go. 

The only problem with having a hockey loving two and a half year old is that he has a hard time staying up late to go to any of the games. With a bedtime at 8pm he wouldn't make it much past the first period without melting down. So when an afternoon game is on the schedule, we know that means that it's Henry's turn to go. 

We packed him up and got him out of the house and ready to go early so that we could show him around the arena and make our way to our seats. We have been splitting season tickets with friends for years and have three seats which works out perfectly. Happy and comfortable sitting on a giant stack of coats wearing his headphones, he cheered, ate popcorn, danced and high fived. That kid had THE BEST time ever and could not have done better. 

I see a lot of hockey games in my future....

Mrs. E

Monday, February 8, 2016

Prenatal Yoga

Hooray for prenatal yoga!

There really isn't much in this life that I enjoy more than my family, my friends and a great Yoga practice. In the beginning of this pregnancy I really wasn't allowed to do too much Yoga. I was pretty restricted on physical activity and I also wasn't feeling great. The day that I was able to step back onto the mat was one of the best days I have had with this baby. It makes me feel more relaxed, more like myself and more in control of my body during an uncontrollable part of my life. This is me in my happy place. 

I am thinking of offering partner or private prenatal Yoga classes while I am still expecting. I feel like there is such a strong connection between pregnant women and I am probably in the best place I have ever been to offer such classes. We will see!

Mrs. E

Christmas Break

I love Christmas break. 

I know it has been a month already but there is something about looking back on almost two weeks of family time that just makes me deliriously happy! Our Christmas break usually means lots of time spent hanging in our pajamas, a million family get togethers and playing with all of those new Christmas gifts. The kids always refuel during this time and I get more and more exhausted. It is completely worth it though! Here are a few photos from our lazy Christmas days. 

Mrs. E

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Years Eve 2015

A few photos from our New Years Eve celebrations. An 8pm countdown, fake Champagne and lots of kisses. 

Mrs. E

Baby Boy ~ 22-22 Weeks

We have happily reached 22 and a half weeks and I have some seriously mixed emotions this week.

First off.... we found out we are having another boy!!!! We decided to do a low key surprise reveal for our parents one Sunday night. We had the ultrasound tech write the gender on a card and place it in an envelope that we took to the store to have them place balloons in a box and seal it. We took it home, wrapped it up and invited our parents for dinner. It was so much fun to surprise them with a small gender reveal and everyone was so excited to see those blue balloons pop out of the box. 

Oliver was born at 22 weeks one day. I now have tangible memories of holding a baby the same size as the one I am growing in my belly. I have a visual of what this little man looks like now and kind of wonder if he looks anything like his big brother. This little guy is now officially older than one of his older brothers. The whole thing has me feeling bitter sweet.

At 20 weeks we had our anatomy scan done at the Lois Hole Women's Hospital. We will be seen by the perinatologists there as a result of our history so we are considered high risk. The ultrasound went well and our little guys was perfect, but they did find an issue with his cord. He has something called a hypocoiled umbilical cord which means that it is slightly less coiled than the average cord. This means that he cord has less tensile strength than the average cord and could be more prone to kinks, knots and being squished. Apparently is quite common and the doctor does not seemed concerned at all.... but that doesn't mean that we are not going to be monitored more often. The combination of our history with CDH and the new cord issues mean that we will have regular ultrasounds at the Lois Hole. Not optimal. 

On the plus side, he looks so sweet in his ultrasound photos and he even gave us the best thumbs up. 

In terms of a bump update... here is what I look like now....

I feel huge but everything seems to be pretty standard as far as how I feel while pregnant. Cravings are all the same as they were with the other kids ( Mexican food, anything spicy, chocolate and CITRUS). I have been eating my weight in grapefruit. The kids could not be more excited and the great name debate has begun. We are going to have a VERY difficult time agreeing on names this time. Wish us luck!

Mrs. E