Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Rainbow Pony Party

I can't believe that Sydney's birthday party was two weeks ago already! 

We have been so busy with kids activities and our own commitments that I haven't had any time to update this blog or post pictures. I guess that's what happens when you kids start to get older. Speaking of kids getting older.... Sydney is FOUR!

I have no idea how the time has flown by so fast but I am so proud of our girl. She is a smart, funny, active little four year old and she is one of my best friends. For her Birthday party she requested a Rainbow Dash themed pony party and we were more than happy to oblige. 

We went through our party supplies box and came out with a mountain of colorful items. I put together a ton of rainbow themed food and we set up a few games or the kids to play. We had pin the cutie mark on the pony and a pinata. All of the kids had a great time and I think Henry ate his weight in junk food. In the end, the house was a disaster and the decorations stayed up for a week.

Mrs. E

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Brass & Baubles ~ Norway Quilt

Every once in a while I make something that is so beautiful that I have to convince myself not to keep it. 

This is my red and aqua Norway Quilt and I am obsessed with it. When Camille Roskelley of Thimbleblossoms released this pattern I was probably one of the first people to pick it up. I knew that the really graphic nature with a nod to Nordic culture would be perfect for me and boy was I right. I initially planned on giving this one to my dad for Christmas but just couldn't part with it once I finished. it sat basted and ready for quilting for over a month and a half before I could get up the courage to tackle the straight line quilting I knew I wanted to do. The time and effort was completely worth it. This thing is amazing.... and it's backed in flannnel which makes me love it more. 

Mrs. E

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dealing With Due Dates

Sunday was Oliver's due date. It was his Birthday. This week I was supposed to be meeting him, holding him and bonding with him. Instead I spent the weekend looking at the box of memories I have from his birth and thinking of what it might have been like to have waited until now to meet him. 

We have close friends and family who are welcoming their babies in the next couple of weeks.... one of them has already arrived. I will be honest, when David told me about the birth of this first baby I burst into uncontrollable ugly sobs. I cried thinking about how that should have been me and about how horrible it felt to have such mixed feelings about our friends having a new baby. I am happy for them and devastated for us at the same time. It's hard to explain. 

I knew that I wanted to do something with the kids and David to remember that Oliver should have been with us this week. We had planned on releasing balloons for him on Sunday but I was hit with the mother of all colds on Thursday and spent all weekend in bed. I am hoping to find time this week to spend time with the kids to remember him and think of what he would have brought to our family. We have been having conversations with Sydney about why mommy is sad this week and she has asked several times to see the pictures of Oliver and all of his hospital momentos. We are doing the best to remember him this week. Give your kids and extra hug... I know I will. 

Mrs. E

Brass & Baubles ~ Pastel Log Cabins

This is one of the prettiest quilts I have ever made. 

This gorgeous thing took me almost an entire month to piece together and quilt. It has actually been done for a while.... but I completely forgot to get pictures of it! This was the quilt that got me through our horrible September with all of the Oliver testing and devastation. This is the quilt that kept me busy and sane. It is all pastel colors and would cover a queen size bed. I am hoping to have it in the shop soon!

Mrs. E