Sunday, June 30, 2013

Big Boy Clothes

This big boy is finally starting to fit into his nicer 3 months clothes. 

He was so much smaller at birth than we expected, so we really didn't have anything that fit him. We made an emergency trip to go shopping when he was two days old to pick up some newborn clothes. In the past couple of weeks I have slowly been able to put some of those newborn clothes away. 

Here is our handsome little guy in some of his cute big boy clothes. 

Mrs. E

Sunny Days and Spray Parks

Edmonton has finally welcomed the summer heat. 

Sydney has been waiting for the hot weather to arrive so that we could play in the water outside, David and I have been looking forward to enjoying our backyard and Henry has no idea what hot weather feels like. We took advantage of our first really hot day on Friday and made our way to the spray park. We started at one park and made our way to another. It was heaven. 

We packed along some snacks, towels and Henry's little tent to shade him from the sun and enjoyed many rays of sunshine. Sydney had a blast running around and sliding down the little waterslide. She made friends with many of the other kids playing around and wrapped up her afternoon with some apple juice and a peanut butter sandwich. David followed Sydney around encouraging her to get a little bit wetter and to ensure that there were no major wipeouts on the slippery ground. Henry and I enjoyed the shade while he told me stories and flashed me smiles. 

We love summer so much. All four of us are sun worshippers and we can't wait for more!

(Whoops! Wrong camera setting!)

Mrs. E

Tales of the Odd Toddler ~ Hot Dog Edition

Can you see it?

Can you see the tiny bite marks in the plastic wrap of the hot dog? Apparently Miss Sydney just could not wait for her dad to BBQ her hot dog for lunch. She somehow found the package of hotdogs and decided that she could bite right through the plastic to get to the good stuff. Toddlers are so strange!

Mrs. E

Afternoon Naps

There really is nothing sweeter than a boy and his dad having a nap on a sunny afternoon. 

Mrs. E

Father's Day ~ Telus World of Science

I usually try to plan something really special for Father's Day.

This year I failed a little bit in that department. With a new baby, lots of travelling and a Triathlon to plan, finding David a gift or planning something special was completely forgotten. I felt really bad about it but I knew he would understand. To say that I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. 

When we woke up on Father's Day I hopped on the computer to see what was available for family activities in the city. We had a few options but the Telus World of science looked like the most appropriate for our little family. We packed up the kids and made our way down there for a day of educational fun. 

We spent a few hours wandering through the exhibits. Sydney learned all about the human body and space and then we made our way to the kids fun area. She played in the mini airport and plane, dove into the activities at the water table and danced on the giant piano. We capped the morning off with some space ice cream in the sun. Henry spent the entire time in his favourite place, the Ergo carrier, and we created some pretty special memories. 

Happy father's Day David!

Mrs. E

Calgary Track and Field

Father's day weekend was a very busy one for us. 

David was set to compete in a track and field event in Calgary, so we packed up the kids and hit the road. Our good friends Marc and Alysha had just moved to Calgary and their house was a five minute walk from the track location so it was the perfect place for us to stay. 

We had such an amazing visit with them. It was a quiet rainy night so we all hung out and watched movies while the kids slept. The next morning we headed out to the meet to support David. It was super windy and pretty cold so Sydney kept warm by playing around with Alysha. 

David had a good day, throwing 2 personal bests and feeling confident. All in all it was a very nice day at the track. 

Mrs. E

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Oh Those Curls

Our girl is so sweet. 

Every morning she wakes up with the most incredible head of curls. It is messy and tangled and deliciously cute. I don't know how many time I have tried to tame that head of hair. I have tried pulling it into hair elastics, securing it down with clips, loading it with leave in conditioner and even straitening it. Nothing works!

This is one head of hair that has a mind of it's own. And you know what.... I don't mind it at all! It's crazy and it gives her so much character. 

Mrs. E

Henry ~ 2 Months

This little man is 2 months old!

He is our little monkey. We are getting lots of smiles and happy noises these days. He has loads of personality and we are learning more and more everyday about who he will be when he is older. Henry is a fan of naps, Mommy's milk, cuddles, his sister's singing and his Daddy's silliness. 

Henry weighs in at a healthy 11 pounds 11 ounces and is 23 inches tall. He fits perfectly in the 50th percentile... which is strange for two parents who just had a first child in the 90+ percentiles. We took him to have his 2 month shots on Wednesday and he did amazingly! Sydney was our little helper at the appointment and learned all about why babies need inoculations.

The next few months are going to be so much fun! I can't wait for the kids to really start interacting and for Henry to start becoming more interactive. 

Mrs. E