Friday, January 28, 2011

Operation Inducement

We have spent the majority of this week trying to get Baby E on the move. It has been interesting. I have had appointments every day this week!

I have spent a ton of time cleaning and cooking on my feet and I am pretty sure that the Sweet Momma pregnancy spa has made a small fortune off of us this week. I had two inducing acupuncture appointments and an inducing massage this week. All of them were great!

I have also been guzzling red raspberry leaf tea and inhaling evening primrose oil capsules.

Bring on the spicy food and walking this weekend! We are ready to be parents!


40 Weeks - D Day

Week: 40
Weight Gained: 50 Pounds  
Belly Button: Popping out
Cravings: Cinnamon, Milk, Chocolate, Spicy Food
Sleep: I am sleeping as much as I can right now. My body is letting me sleep in, so I am taking advantage of it.
Best Moment of the Week: Reaching my due date with a healthy baby. It doesn't matter that Baby E is still comfy inside of my belly. The important thing is that we are both at this point in the pregnancy and doing well.
Worst Moment of the Week: Receiving ten thousand phone calls and texts from people asking me if I  have had the baby yet.
Thoughts from Dad: "Alright, due date has come and gone, time to:  get out, fly the coop, Elvis must leave the building, eviction notice issued, vacate the premises immediately or locks will be changed, hit the road kid.  Get the idea….now would be a great time."
I have to admit.... today has been frustrating. I have gotten a million phone calls, emails and texts from friends and family who have been asking if I have had the baby yet. The answer.... NO! I honestly think that this is the dumbest thing someone can ask a pregnant woman on her Due Date. People... do you really think that we would have the baby and not tell anyone?!?!?
Even worse on those who call to insist that the baby won't be here for another week at least. This doesn't make me feel any better at all. The last thing I want to hear is that Baby E is not going to make an appearance for a while. It may be true, but I don't want to hear it.
David is really starting to get excited now. He is determined to do anything he can to meet this kid. It's adorable. I am not really sure if the reality of becoming a dad hit him until recently. Now it is all he can think about. Every time I wince in pain as a result of a big kick or call him when I am slightly out of breath, he thinks I am going into labour.
We will see what happens in the next few days. But for now, we plan on enjoying our last days as a family of two and getting as much sleep as we can.

Friday, January 21, 2011

39 Weeks

Week: 39
Weight Gained: 50 Pounds  
Belly Button: Popping out
Cravings: Cinnamon, Milk, Chocolate, Spicy Food
Sleep: Actually getting better. I think I am just so tired that my body knows I need more rest.
Best Moment of the Week: Getting a paycheck from our Short Term Disability Claim that we were not expecting.
Worst Moment of the Week: Finding out that we have made no progress.
Thoughts from Dad: "So you are being stubborn already Both your mom and I think it is about time you showed up.  Do us a favor and come meet the world, we cant wait to meet you any longer"
Not much to say about this week. I am exhausted and frustrated with the lack of progress.
We are both extremely excited to meet this little one but the longer we wait the more nervous I get. I feel like a bit of a ticking time bomb and people are pretty quick to remind me that it could happen at any time.

We are planning on keeping busy this week and hoping for the best.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ugh.... No More Please

I am really starting to get nervous about our birth plan. At our appointment yesterday I did not get very good news.

My body is really not progressing at all. I am still not dilating at all and McCubbin does not think that anything will happen anytime soon. We discussed the idea of an induction this week as well.... it is a hard topic for me to discuss. Inductions usually lead to med-assisted births.

Our doctor said that she would usually not let women diagnosed with PUPPP go full term but she does not even want to try to induce me now because it would be forcing my body to do something it is really not ready to do. She says that if she induced me now, she may as well stamp "c-section" on my forehead. I had a mild breakdown after the appointment. Thank goodness David was there to make me feel better.

My next appointment is on Monday. We are going to try everything we can to induce labour over the next few days and we will cross our fingers that I progress.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ok Baby, That's It....

Consider this your official eviction notice!

Can I Rip My Skin Off Yet?

I feel like I could rip my skin off. I have officially been diagnosed with PUPPP. It is a condition where my liver is creating an enzyme that is not agreeing with my body. It is creating a super itchy rash all over my body that is driving me crazy!

It all came to a head on Wednesday evening. I couldn't take it anymore and I asked David to take me to the hospital. After changing into a hospital gown and strapping on the baby monitors we were finally told what was wrong.

When I asked how we can cure it, I was told that the only way to cure it was to have the baby. I was given a steroid cream and approved to take Benadryl.... I can't wait to be done with all of this!


Friday, January 14, 2011

38 Weeks

Week: 38
Weight Gained: 45 Pounds + 
Belly Button: Popping out
Cravings: Cinnamon, Milk, Chocolate, Spicy Food
Sleep: I am actually starting to sleep a little bit better. I am having more pain in my hips but I am sleeping twelve hours a night.
Best Moment of the Week: We had a super quiet week. The best moments this week were actually every morning when I woke up and accomplished the tasks that I wanted to complete in the house.
Worst Moment of the Week: Being told that we are not progressing at all in terms of labour.
Thoughts from Dad: "I am really getting used to laying in bed with mom at night and holding my hands against you and feeling you move around inside of her belly.  So used to it that I am starting to think that I will be sad when I do not get to do it anymore, but that just means you will be here and I cant wait for that."

This week was relatively low key. We really didn't do too much and it was so nice. I spent the entire week cleaning and cooking.
I have managed to fill the entire freezer with meals for after the baby arrives and I have cleaned and organized most of the house. I am enjoying my time at home but I am starting to get a little bit lonely. I can't wait to have a companion with me at home....
David had a long week. He was working the early shift at work and left the house at 5:45a every morning this week. Early mornings meant early evenings. It was relaxing for me.... but not relaxing for David.
We are excited that this week is done. It means that we are one week closer to meeting our little bean and having two great weeks together as a family. Can't wait!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

37 Weeks... Full Term!

Week: 37
Weight Gained: 45 Pounds + 
Belly Button: Popping out a bit....
Cravings: Hot Tamales, Milk, Spicy Food, Chocolate
Sleep: I no longer sleep through the night. I doze off only to wake up in pain with numb hands.... awesome.
Best Moment of the Week: This week marked the first week of my Mat Leave! I didn`t have to go in on Monday..... Yay! Friday was also Davids birthday and it was fun to celebrate with his family. 
Worst Moment of the Week: There were several. It was not uncommon for me to wake up with David when he had to go to work and stay wide awake all day. No sleep for me.
Thoughts from Dad: "Ok my birthday is over you are allowed to show up whenever you want."
This week is a pretty big milestone for us. We have officially reached full term which means that we are now going to try everything we can to get Baby E out. I am really tired of all of the physical issues I am starting to have with this pregnancy and we both can`t wait to meet our bean. We will be eating tons of spicy food and walking a lot.
This week was also a really big week for David and I in terms of work. Tuesday was the first day that he went to work for his new job and I stayed home for my first day of Mat Leave. I have been struggling with being home alone all day but I have been working really hard to stay busy.
Nesting has started in full swing and our house is seeing the effects of my obsessive compulsiveness. I have been cleaning like crazy and cooking a million freezer meals for when Baby E comes.
David also turned 28 this week! He claims that it is now ok for the baby to come, but I think that if it had wanted to come earlier it would have.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Aaaaaaand, I'm Done

I am so beyond over this pregnancy. I am starting to get to the part where everything hurts and nothing is comfortable.

I went in for my first weekly OB appointment on Tuesday and absolutely NOTHING has progressed. This kid is cooked but my body is saying no way. I asked McCubbin if I would be in this for the long run.... she is pretty sure that I am not going anywhere anytime soon.

Here are a few of  the lovely side effects of being so very pregnant:
- Itchiness Everywhere
- Stretch Marks
- Swollen Feet and Hands
- Carpal Tunnel (Numb Hands on a Regular Basis)
- Fat Face
- Super Sore Hips
- Inability to Sleep
- Constant Rib Kicks
- Sciatic Nerve Pain
- Super Sore Back
- Non Existent Bladder Space
- So Much More....

I can't wait for this to be done!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

This Is The Year That We Become Parents

Happy New Year and welcome to 2011 everyone!

David and I are so excited about what this year will bring us. We are officially counting down the days, not weeks, until we meet out little bean. We are so close to being done!

The three of us had a fairly relaxed New Years Eve last night. We went to the Melting Pot for an incredible Fondue meal. They had a New Year special and each table was given champagne glasses, chocolates and a framed photo from the dinner. After dinner we came home and changed quickly to go to the fireworks. downtown. The fireworks were great and it was nice to be able to relax and do things at our own pace. It was one of the tamest New Years that we have had in years.

Here are a few photos of dinner and the countdown: