Sunday, December 18, 2011

100 Things item #20: $1000 on Red (Roulette)

This was quite possibly one of the single most terrifying moments of my entire life. While in Las Vegas, David decided that we may as well knock another item off of our list. This particular item scared the crap out of me. It seemed frivolous and dumb and waaaaayyyyy over the top.

The challenge: put one single $1000 bet on red at a roulette table.

We gave Sydney to the Shandros to watch for a few minutes (no babies allowed on the casino floor.... obviously) and went to pull out our money. After running into issues at a dysfunctional ATM I felt as though fate was trying to tell us something, but we kept on with the plan. David picked the table and asked to change $1000 into chips. The dealer had to call over the pit manager and she then took David's ID to check it. He was given the chips and placed everything on red. I swear that the guy beside him thought he was insane! The entire time this was happening I couldn't look. I stood ten feet away at all times. The dealer closed the table for betting and the marble dropped. At this point I had to get closer to see what was about to happen.... it hit red!!!! We won! Our money instantly doubled. The man beside David patted him on the back and congratulated him. We high fived and placed a few more bets.

When all was said and done we were up $1500 in ten minutes! We walked in with $1000 and walked out with $2500. We walked back to the Shandros and told them what had transpired. David was also given a players card and a comped room at New York, New York next time we are in Vegas!

So awesome!


100 Things Item #43: Vegas Wedding

We're married!!!! Again.

While en route to Phoenix last week we decided to take a slight detour to Las Vegas. Our friends, the Shandros, tagged along for our Pheonix trip and made the stop in Vegas with us. We decided to hit the famous Little White Wedding Chapel and have ourselves a group wedding!

We got the kids dressed up and donned our over the top vegas outfits. The wedding was short and sweet and actually very nice. We went into it thinking it would be tacky and fun. It still had that over the top vegas feel but we all ended up getting quite emotional.

At the end of the day, it was an incredible experience and I am happy to say that we are enjoying our second "honeymoon" as newlyweds.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

100 Items List

A while ago David and I came across a truly inspiring blog. An Australian man created a list of 100 things that he wanted to do before he died. Some of the items are wild and some are pretty tame but all of them are fun. Check out his blog here. We decided to put together our own 100 items list to complete as a couple. The goal is to keep life exciting and challenging. As we complete items we will track all of it here on our blog. I will set up a 100 things tab at the top of the blog. This list is not complete yet but we are willing to take suggestions to finish it.

1 ~ Stay at the Timberline Hotel (From the Shining)
2 ~ Complete and Ironman
3 ~ Visit the Christopher McCandless us in Alaska

4 ~ Drive the Alaska scenic route
5 ~ complete a marathon
6 ~ Go to Iceland
7 ~ Visit all 7 continents
8 ~ Do the Santiago pilgrimage
9 ~ Have a baby
10 ~ Dive the Great Barrier Reef
11 ~ Do a shark dive
12 ~ Learn 4 languages
13 ~ Join an animal rights protest
14 ~ Go to Paris for the Tour de France
15 ~ Climb a mountain
16 ~ Vegan for a week
17 ~ Go wind surfing
18 ~ Jump off the big cliff at Horseshoe lake
19 ~ Do the Easter Seals rappel (Drop Zone)
20 ~ $1000 on Red (Roulette)
21 ~ Shave head for cancer
22 ~ Learn to play cricket
23 ~ Go to an Eric Clapton concert
24 ~ Go to a KISS concert
25 ~ Go to a Madonna concert
26 ~ Wrestle an animal
27 ~ Drive Canada coast to coast
28 ~ Volunteer at a homeless shelter
29 ~ Volunteer at an Africa orphanage
30 ~ Teach a class
31 ~ Visit remote Scandinavia
32 ~ 365 pictures in one year
33 ~ Own a business
34 ~ Earn a University degree
35 ~ Get arrested (For something not serious)
36 ~ Ride the Rocky Mountain rail
37 ~ Have something named after you
38 ~ 1 year of only handmade gifts
39 ~ Live 1 week in a vehicle
40 ~ Take Sydney to Disney
41 ~ Live at least 6 months in another country
42 ~ Fly a plane
43 ~ Vegas wedding
44 ~ Get something pierced
45 ~ Horseback riding on the beach
46 ~ Helicopter ride
47 ~ Record a song
48 ~ NYC NYE
49 ~ Sleep in a mud hut
50 ~ Volunteer after a natural disaster
51 ~ Learn to take pro photos
52 ~ Luge
53 ~ Bobsled
54 ~ Complete every Ironman
55 ~ Travel for a year
56 ~ Learn to ballroom dance
57 ~ Polar bear swim
58 ~ Learn to sail
59 ~ Drive an Indy car
60 ~ No cell phone for a week
61 ~ Money making invention
62 ~ Visit 30 giant things
63 ~ 24 hours of silence
64 ~ Attend Comicon
65 ~ Tough all 5 major sports trophies
66 ~ Go to the Olympics
67 ~ Stay in a haunted building
68 ~ Build a home
69 ~ Grow a playoff beard
70 ~ Publish a book
71 ~ Visit all 7 world wonders
72 ~ Running of the bulls
73 ~ Tomato festival
74 ~ Climb Devils Monument
75 ~ Put a padlock on the Lovers bridge in Paris
76 ~ Take a Gander in Gander
77 ~ Ride in a fighter jet
78 ~ Drive through a giant redwood tree


10 Months

I am exhausted these days. Sydney is constantly on the move these days so sitting down to relax is no longer an option. She is into everything before I  can get to her and wants to touch everything that she is not supposed to. 

Syd is also starting to copy all of the noises we make. She says "Ha" when we say "Hi" and "Mama", "Dada", and "Baba" have become commonplace in her vocabulary. She is waving and clapping and getting excited all the time.

We are prepping the house for a walking toddler because she is getting closer to moving on her own two feet. She is moving along, holding every surface. We are nervous and excited at the same time!


Catching Up

I have totally been neglecting this blog the last two weeks. I have been swamped with Christmas party and packing to get ready to go to Phoenix. We are in Phoenix now, enjoying a month of family time and it couldn't be better. Here are a few photos from the last two weeks.

More fun to come!