Sunday, December 18, 2011

100 Things item #20: $1000 on Red (Roulette)

This was quite possibly one of the single most terrifying moments of my entire life. While in Las Vegas, David decided that we may as well knock another item off of our list. This particular item scared the crap out of me. It seemed frivolous and dumb and waaaaayyyyy over the top.

The challenge: put one single $1000 bet on red at a roulette table.

We gave Sydney to the Shandros to watch for a few minutes (no babies allowed on the casino floor.... obviously) and went to pull out our money. After running into issues at a dysfunctional ATM I felt as though fate was trying to tell us something, but we kept on with the plan. David picked the table and asked to change $1000 into chips. The dealer had to call over the pit manager and she then took David's ID to check it. He was given the chips and placed everything on red. I swear that the guy beside him thought he was insane! The entire time this was happening I couldn't look. I stood ten feet away at all times. The dealer closed the table for betting and the marble dropped. At this point I had to get closer to see what was about to happen.... it hit red!!!! We won! Our money instantly doubled. The man beside David patted him on the back and congratulated him. We high fived and placed a few more bets.

When all was said and done we were up $1500 in ten minutes! We walked in with $1000 and walked out with $2500. We walked back to the Shandros and told them what had transpired. David was also given a players card and a comped room at New York, New York next time we are in Vegas!

So awesome!


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