Monday, January 21, 2013

Hiding From Toddlers in Closets

I am going to admit.... this weekend was exhausting and I didn't really do anything. 

The weather here in Edmonton has been horrendously cold and snowy and I am starting to get really uncomfortably large. David worked night shift all weekend and the house was a mess so we decided to stay in unless necessary.

I was so excited to spend time with our sweet little Sydney... until I was a few hours in. Our little girl has found her 2 year old energy and is in full tilt disaster mode! It's all fun and games until a toddler jumps on a baby bump. I love that she has so much energy but it is getting tough for me to keep up with her. As my energy lowers and I have a tougher time physically, she is just beginning to ramp up. She is a very physical player. She likes to wrestle and climb (thanks to her Daddy) and I am just not up for it at this point in my pregnancy. She is also very into sitting in my lap (which is becoming non-existent) and is constantly following my around yelling "Mommy, mommy! Up, Up!" There were times when I felt like hiding in the closet from her. To make matters worse, I discovered that I have a stress fracture in my foot upon returning from Las Vegas and I have been in an air cast for 2 weeks. I. Am. Tired. 

Now don't get me wrong.... Syd is still my world and I would much rather be home with her protecting my baby bump from impending wrestling sessions than sitting at my desk at work. I just need to get through these next few months.

Mrs. E

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