Friday, October 9, 2015

November Project ~ Race the Maze 2015

Every fall we get to take part in one of the best events of the year.... Race the Maze. 

Race the Maze is an event hosted by the November Project (Dave's work out group) and the objective is simple.... find and take a selfie with as many photos of NP faces as you can find within the given time frame. There are ten. We usually hit the ground at a walking pace because it is a lot of work with the kids. This year, Dave decided that we were going to do the entire thing running at a full tilt..... not my cup of tea. We teamed up with Kendra and Rene and called our team the Del-Eliuks. We ended up finding five faces and had a great time making and eating some s'mores once everyone had returned. The kids went insane on the jumping pillows and loved every minute with the farm animals.

All in all, it was the perfect fall night. 

Mrs. E

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