Monday, April 18, 2016

When the Easter Bunny Comes...

I honestly think that one of the best parts of being a parent is getting to live vicariously through your kids every time there is a holiday.

Easter is one of the best holidays for reliving your childhood. We always have such a good time hiding eggs and coming up with cute baskets full of fun things from the "Easter Bunny". I love the looks on their faces when they come down the stairs and see eggs everywhere and decorations. Our kids are at the perfect age to enjoy special mornings like this. 

Sydney and Henry ran around the house yelling for each other every time they found another egg. They had so much fun and Henry was finally old enough this year to understand what was happening. After the egg hunt we went through their baskets which were filled with colouring books and stickers. I try not to go overboard on the sugar and sweets. They generally get enough from their grandparents. We topped the morning off with a pancake breakfast and some family time. It was perfect!

Mrs. E

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