Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DIY ~ Felt Christmas Garland

Ok... so obviously Sydney and I had a very crafty weekend. 

We had a million projects that needed to be finished and we finally sat down to tackle them. You may remember my recent post about the Fall Felt Garland that I put together for our mantel. Well, it was time to change things over to Christmas from fall, so Sydney and I sat down to make a new garland for the mantel. 

The Supplies:
~ Felt in coordinating colors (we didn't want to go with typical Christmas colors so we settled on red, blue, grey and white)
~ Sewing machine
~ Thread

The Process:
~ Get settled in and put on a good movie (in my case it was a few episodes of sesame street)
~ Mixing and matching size and color, cut out a million circles (well maybe not a million). My largest circle was about 2 and a half inches wide and the smallest was about an inch wide.

~ Once you think you have enough circles, find a place away from busy meddling toddlers and lay out the garland the way you will want it to appear when complete. 

~ Syd managed to come over and knock a few circles out of place anyway.....

~ Then stack all of your circles in order and set up your sewing machine. This is the fun part....

~ Leaving a 6 inch trail of thread to start, feed the circles through your machine in the correct order. Make sure that you are sewing down the center of the circle (more or less) and that you are not overlapping the circles but you are placing them right next to each other. This will ensure that they will twist and move but that the garland is still strong.

~ To hang ours on the mantel (please ignore the crafting mess) I hammered two finishing nails into the wood at either end. These nails stay there permanently and we just change up the garland. Tie a knot in the ends of your threads to make large loops and drape the garland across the nails. Done!

What do you think? Will you be tackling home made decorations for Christmas this year?

Mrs. E

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