Wednesday, March 6, 2013

33 Weeks

At 33 Weeks...

Weight gained: I don't really know at this point. I am starting to lose track but I am pretty sure my weight gain will be almost exactly the same it was with Sydney.
Baby gender: I am starting to find this secret harder and harder to keep!
Belly button in or out: Out and proud
Food cravings: Ice Cream.... lots of ice cream
Food aversions: Nothing really. Everything looks good to me at this point
Appointments: I have another appointment on Tuesday the 12th. Hopefully this is the BIG appointment and I get pulled from work!
How I am feeling: I am emotional and tired and really looking forward to staying at home. 
Exciting milestones:  I am THIS CLOSE to being done work.  
Things I am looking forward to: My last day of work.
Things that I miss: Spin classes and walking normally
Thoughts: I am starting to get very anxious about all of the things I want to accomplish before this baby is born. My to do list is terrifyingly long and my timeline is short.

Mrs. E

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