Wednesday, March 20, 2013

35 Weeks

Sorry guys.... no photo this week. We are on the road! More on that later. 

At 35 Weeks...

Weight gained: 54 Pounds so far
Baby gender: I still know and I am still excited!
Belly button in or out: Very much out now 
Food cravings: Spicy food, peanut butter cups, ice cream, chocolate, sushi, wine
Food aversions: Meat is starting to gross me out again
Appointments: I had a check up on Tuesday where we did the GBS swab. Squishy is still totally breech with head stuck under my right ribs. Heart rate looks good, so now we wait for this kid to turn.....
How I am feeling:  Sore, tired and done. I feel a little bit unprepared for this baby right now. Maybe my baby shower next weekend will help fix that situation and put me in more of the baby mood. 
Exciting milestones:  I am done work!!!!!!!
Things I am looking forward to: Holding this little on in my arms and having David find out the baby's gender.
Things that I miss: Being able to do normal physical things like walking long distances, spin class and bending over to pick up or do anything.
Thoughts: I am so excited to meet this kid now. We have finally settled on a girl and boy name and we are both super happy with them. I am so excited to have Sydney meet her sibling and to start to establish a routine. On the other side of things, I still have so much to do. The nursery is no where near ready and I need to get my baby clothes order in. 
Daddy's Thoughts: "No matter what your mom says, we're ready."
Sydney's Thoughts: "I know what the baby's gender is but I'm not telling...."

Mrs. E

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