Friday, August 15, 2014

Adventures on Horseback

We have been trying to do this forever!

One of my oldest friends Ash (who is expecting her first baby soon!) and her mom Gayle (who has also become a great friend over the years) own two beautiful horses and have been offering to take Sydney riding for some time now. Ash works shift work and so does David, so lining everything up so that we could head out was very difficult. When we managed to work it out and get out to the stables it was well worth the wait. 

Ash led Sydney around and she loved every minute. She was all set with her boots and her cowgirl hat and I loved watching her. Ash and Gayle taught her how to feed the horses grass properly and at the end of her ride she was able to give Commander (the horse) a peanut butter cookie as a treat. 

Their other horse Liberty was subjected to the excited squeals from Henry. We didn't even think to put him on a horse until he was freaking out and pointing frantically. That kid is obsessed with large animals. He freaks out when he sees large dogs (in a good way) and was practically vibrating when he saw the horses. When I was holding him he let one of the other horses get right in his face and he exploded with giggles while she sniffed and inspected him. 

The entire evening was so much fun and we can;t wait to go out again!

Mrs. E

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