Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Jeannie's Bachelorette

Well, I survived my sisters wedding on Saturday and should have much more time to blog... yay!

It has been a whirlwind month and I am absolutely exhausted. We have been in the midst of a million pre-wedding events and nanny preparation and as bad as it may sound I am soooo happy that it is all done. One of the pre-wedding events that I hosted was Jeannie's Bachelorette party. Anybody who knows Jeannie, knows that anything super girly is not really her style. Her wedding is completely flower free so we jokingly themed the entire Bachelorette party to be floral. She thought it was hilarious!

We started out the morning with manicures and pedicures and moved on to lunch, go cart racing and aerial yoga. We followed it up with drinks and games at our house and then dinner at Parlour and drinks at Craft. We had the best night! All of the girls totally embraced the floral theme and Jeannie came away from the night with some pretty amazing memories. 

Mrs. E

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