Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Henry's Hockey Game

I don't know what you were really into as a kid.... But Henry is seriously into Hockey!

I still can't believe how young our tiny dude was when he started paying attention to the game and cheering on our beloved Edmonton Oilers. He has been playing "Hockey" with his mini hockey stick for about a year and constantly tells us that he is going to play hockey like the "big boys" when he is old enough. David has been taking him skating whenever he can and he is happy to glide around the ice on his bob skates and fall on the ice. The kid is ready to go. 

The only problem with having a hockey loving two and a half year old is that he has a hard time staying up late to go to any of the games. With a bedtime at 8pm he wouldn't make it much past the first period without melting down. So when an afternoon game is on the schedule, we know that means that it's Henry's turn to go. 

We packed him up and got him out of the house and ready to go early so that we could show him around the arena and make our way to our seats. We have been splitting season tickets with friends for years and have three seats which works out perfectly. Happy and comfortable sitting on a giant stack of coats wearing his headphones, he cheered, ate popcorn, danced and high fived. That kid had THE BEST time ever and could not have done better. 

I see a lot of hockey games in my future....

Mrs. E

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