Saturday, November 5, 2016

Edmonton Marathon 2016

3:09.... again!

Dave is such an incredibly dedicated runner. For almost two years now, he has been trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon. His last chance to qualify at the 3:05 time (it is the most competitive time for Boston) was the Edmonton Marathon at the end of August. The way qualifying windows for Boston work, he would be bumped up into the next age category starting in October which would give him an extra 5 minutes but he wanted to make it in the faster time. Unfortunately he didn't quite make it. 

It was a perfect day weather wise, but I know he wasn't feeling 100% in the last ten or so kilometers. He pushed through to finish with a very impressive time but I knew he was going to be disappointed. We are soooo proud of him and his accomplishments and there is no doubt that he will qualify... maybe at the race in LA in a week! We will see!

Mrs. E

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