Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sydney's Lunch

I have to admit, when Sydney started grade one I was dreading having to prepare lunches for her every day. 

Kids can be so picky and it is really hard to create a balance between what she wants and what is healthy. Somehow, Sydney has become our pickiest eater. We have always introduced them to new and different foods. We always make them try food even if they don't want to. We never wanted to promote pickiness and always wanted the kids to appreciate the meals that they were given. This had led to more than a few fights at meal time... but I am hoping it will all be worth it. 

In an effort to make Sydney's lunch more appealing to her, I started the year by putting together healthy, organized lunches full of colour and fun. I set out to make healthy food appealing to a young child and was rewarded with an empty lunch box every day. To say that planning and executing these lunches is challenging would be a massive understatement. Getting creative is so hard. Especially when I have two other kids to care for as well. Here are a few of her lunches from the beginning of the school year. Everything is homemade.

Turkey, cucumber, cheese roll ups, peas, cucumbers, grapes and cheese, banana muffin, apple sauce and goldfish.

Turkey, cucumber and cheese sandwich, cheese and crackers, apple sauce, orange slices and turkey pepperoni.

Turkey, cheese and cucumber roll ups, cucumbers, pretzels, chocolate zucchini bread, cheese and grapes and raisins. 

Turkey chili, buttered bread, carrots, granola bar, ranch dip, banana and banana muffin.

Pancake muffins, cheese, grapes, cheerios, bananas, yogurt and apple.

Assorted meat and cheese, cucumber and carrot, craisins, crackers, granola bar and yogurt. 

Roast beef cheese and cucumber sandwich, wheat thins, cucumber, turkey pepperoni and cheese, chocolate zucchini bread.

Wow butter and jam sushi, banana, craisins, cucumber, yogurt and apple.

Pancake muffins, cheese, dried mangos and craisins, apple sauce, banana and cucumbers.

Wow butter banana roll ups, carrots, crackers and craisins, granola bar, turkey pepperoni and cheese, and yogurt.

Southwest soup with buttered bread, chocolate zucchini bread, goldfish and apples.

Mrs. E

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