Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Monster Bash!

I am proud to say that we survived the Birthday Party weekend.... and I feel like we did it with flying colors!

Sydney had her big Monster Bash last Saturday and we all had so much fun! The kids all hung out in the balloons while the parents had the chance to catch up. Sydney was the center of attention in her cute birthday outfit and she was spoiled rotten by all of her guests.

As difficult as it was to plan the party while working full time, I have so much fun doing it. My friend Conni took one look at the food table and said "it looks like Pinterest threw up on the table!" I agree.... i got a little but out of control with my Pinterest obsession. It was just so much fun to finally use some of the great ideas on the site!

The Menu ~
~ Chocolate Monster Cake
~ Cake Pops
~ Chocolate Dipped Pretzels
~ Lemon Macarons
~ Veggie Platter
~ Sandwiches (Egg salad, Ham & Turkey)
~ Chocolate Monster Cupcakes
~ Smarties!
~ Juice
~ Pop

Here are a few photos from the day:

~ Invitations (Homemade) ~

~ Yellow Lemon Macarons from Duchess Bake Shop ~

~ Monster Cupcakes (Homemade) ~

~ Sydney's Cupcake Birthday Shirt (Homemade) ~

~ Birthday Banner (Homemade), Cake (Baked by Me), & Cake Pops (Two Sweets & Other Treats)

~ Paper Garland (Homemade) ~

~ Monster Cups (Homemade) ~

~ The Food Table ~

~ Monster Mouths and Flag Straws (Homemade) ~

~ Chocolate Dipped Pretzels (Homemade) ~

~ Opening a Few Gifts ~

~ Smiles for Daddy ~

~ Trying out Her New Rocking Lion ~

Mrs. E

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