Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day everyone!!!!

Ok. So I know I am a week late on this but it's been insane! We spent our Canada day enjoying each others company. The kids are still too young to take to the fireworks, so we celebrated in the morning. We got packed up and headed out to the Summerside pancake breakfast. Summerside is a beautiful neighbourhood about five minutes away from us. We really wanted to move into the neighbourhood but there were no good housing options for us when we were looking. 

This year the community hosted a family pancake breakfast with bouncy houses and other kids activities. We enjoyed breakfast in the shade of the bouncy houses while Sydney went crazy with the others kids. She also made a finger painted Canadian flag and got a few tattoos. Henry spent his time eating and playing with a flag. All in all it was awesome! Hopefully next year we can look into taking them to the fireworks...

Mrs. E

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