Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lake Days

I don't know about you, but I love the lake. 

It seems like such a Canadian past time. We like to pack up for the day and head out to the cabin for some water fun, some family time and a lot of sun. My family has had a cabin out at Pigeon lake for decades. I have strong memories of playing on the boat and learning to water ski. I grew up having sleepovers in the loft of the cabin with my siblings and eating way too much junk food in front of the fire. We used to go out in the winter and hop on the snowmobiles for fun in the snow and we would come back to the house to warm up with hot chocolate. Our cabin is the ultimate childhood memory for me..... and now we are raising another generation of lake kids. 

Last weekend David was working. I packed up the kids and headed for the lake with my parents, my aunt, and her kids. It was incredible. Perfect weather, a few good people and the gorgeous lake. Syd went on the sea doo for the very first time and loved every minute of it. Henry slept and enjoyed the sun. We are building lake memories for our kids and I love it. 

Mrs. E

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