Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Walks on Whyte

Whyte Avenue is one of our favourite places in the city. 

It has changed over the years but it still maintains that artsy, bustling vibe. When we were younger, it was where we would go to have a drink or two, and now that we are older it is where we go for a walk with the kids. 

We met David's parents at Origin India for some delicious Indian food for supper. The kids held it together long enough for us to enjoy our meal and then we hit the strip. We walked up and down the busy avenue enjoying the sights and sounds. The kids sat happily in the chariot and Henry even fell asleep. After a while we made our way over to watch a running race that a few of our friends were competing in. Henry had a snack and we all cheered on the runners. 

It was the perfect summer night. 

Mrs. E

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