Thursday, March 6, 2014

Our House ~ Basement Progress #2

As of this weekend our basement renovation is 98% done!

I am so far behind on update that I thought I would up a post or two to get you up to speed on how everything has been going. It has been a test of patience so far and it is taking everything in me not to freak out about the mess in the rest of the house. Everything in the house is covered with a heavy layer of dust and I feel like I clean the floor a million times a day so that Henry isn't crawling through dirt or drywall dust. The front room is packed with furniture for the basement, our bedrooms look like an episode of hoarders and I am having serious cleaning fits on a regular basis. 

Our carpet will be in as of Saturday and I can't wait! Until then, here are a few photos from the initial drywalling stage of the basement. At this point the wiring was mostly complete and everything had been drywalled. The bathroom had been completely destroyed in order to reconfigure the room so that it worked much better for us. In short... it was a disaster. Enjoy!

Mrs. E

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