Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hospital Debates

Our tiny man just got over a pretty crappy round of illness.

We went on an incredible trip to a friend's grad in Calgary and in the middle of our time there that Henry had a very high fever. Thankfully the kids were staying with my parents and I know that they have YEARS of experience with sick kids.... unfortunately it did nothing to ease my fears.

We came home as early as possible and I immediately got to snuggling him. I felt awful for him. Henry ran a high fever for four days and it was everything I could do to get any fluids into him. Henry refused everything and by the second day of very little to eat or drink I was getting worried. At this point I had no idea what he had or how to make him feel better but I knew I had to do something. This is where I seriously considered taking him into the hospital. I could control the fever but the dehydration terrified me. Eventually I was able to give him some watermelon and soon after some milk. The next day his fever broke suddenly and spots appeared. I knew immediately it was Roseola (Baby Measels). Seeing the rash was such a relief. 

I always struggle when our children get very sick. It is hard to decide whether to take them to the hospital, try to get them into a pediatrician or suffer through the misery of a Medi center. I love that we have free healthcare but I hate that we have to wait for SO LONG to have our children diagnosed. Not only is the wait for medical care horrible, but I also worry that we will catch something else in the waiting room while we deal with a crying baby for hours. This is the hardest decision. What would you do? Do you take your kids into the hospital?

Here are a few photos of our poor little guy when his rash began to appear and two of the only ways we could keep him happy.... in the carrier or eating a popsicle. 

Mrs. E

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