Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mini Yogi Extrordinaire

Oh man this girl kills me....

Sydney has become a tiny yoga machine and I am so proud of her. One of the items on her Christmas list this year was her own yoga mat. I couldn't believe that she came up with the idea all by herself. She sees me leave for class all the time and it must have rubbed off on her. You should have seen her reaction when she opened up on Christmas morning. I had made her a Frozen mat strap and she was instantly obsessed. 

Our local Ivviva has free classes for girls every Sunday and about half of them are yoga. Sydney fell in love with it in her very first class. Here are a few photos of my peanut with her new mat and strap and a couple of pictures from her first couple of classes. I have also tossed in a couple of photos of her practicing in our living room. Henry usually gets involved too. That kid has a mean downward dog. 

Mrs. E

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