Friday, January 16, 2015

Modern Quilting ~ Christmas Gifts

This year I actually managed to pull of a bit of a handmade Christmas. 

I have known for months that I needed to make the kids their own quilts. I have made them for everyone else and I have managed to completely miss out on giving my own kids something to snuggle with at night. I also decided last minute to make David his own quilt that would be great for camping and other outdoor activities. Here they are:

This first quilt is Sydney's. I was about half way through secretly working on this when she proudly announced that she would like a purple quilt for Christmas.... damn it. She got the pink one anyway and I am secretly working on a purple Frozen quilt for her Birthday gift. 

Here is Henry's quilt. I think this one is my favorite. It features the "Hearty Good Wishes" fabric line and some of the best quilting I have ever done. The pebbles in the boarders took a million years and I almost ran out of thread (Which I can't buy here!) but it was completely worth every minute.

This last one is David's. It is a lot bigger and really heavy because I backed it with a really warm flannel. The plaids are actually home spun shirting fabrics that I used fusible interfacing on to avoid any unraveling. Some super simple quilting finished it off and I hope it gets a lot of use. 

Mrs. E

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