Friday, January 9, 2015

Sydney... Meet Elsa

Have you ever seen a little girl lose her mind because Elsa showed up at her front door? I have....

My brother Caleb has started dating a super sweet girl named Ashleigh... and lucky for us she has a business playing princesses at Birthday parties! They asked if they could come and surprise Sydney as princess Elsa and I immediately jumped at the opportunity! Who wouldn't want to surprise and almost four year old with her favorite Disney princess in real life!?

To say that she freaked out is an understatement. We got the kids to answer the door and she was in a state of shock. Ashleigh cam in and introduced herself as princess Elsa and we played along the entire time. She came in with a bag full of activities and a mini Elsa dress for Sydney to wear... Seriously, do you see her face in that picture!?

Ashleigh spent a couple of hours singing, dancing. face painting, reading and coloring with Sydney. She made the entire experience perfect for our mini Elsa. I would strongly recommend her for local parties and events. The bonus? She is also a working dinner theater actor in Edmonton and has a beautiful voice. 

If you are interested in hiring her you can find her information HERE. Here are a few photos from our experience. 

Mrs. E

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