Thursday, April 16, 2015

Easter Bunny Suspicion

We almost got caught being the Easter bunny by our four year old this year. 

Apparently Sydney saw me putting up decorations for the Easter egg hunt. In the morning we had told her that the Easter bunny decorated the house and she tried to call us on it. "No Mama.... I saw you standing on a chair to put them up last night." Que parent panic. She must have seen my reflection in the huge window we have on the stairs! Dave was fast thinking and managed to convince her that it was just a dream and that the Easter bunny had in fact, decorated the house. 

Phew! With that bullet dodged we were able to enjoy the mayhem that is Easter morning. This is the first time that Henry really knew what was going on and both kids just fed off of each other's excitement. Henry kept yelling "Hide! Eggs! Find!" while he frantically ran around the house looking for treats. They had an amazing time and the stickers and books that they got in their baskets kept them entertained all morning which meant one thing... quiet time for me!

Mrs. E

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