Monday, July 6, 2015

David Races the Calgary Marathon

Anybody who has ever done a race of any kind knows that sometimes it's just not your day. 

David had one of these days when he ran the Calgary Marathon recently. Dave drove down to Calgary on his own for the race. We decided that it was too early to drag the kids out to watch him run past once and that it would just be easier for him to go on his own..... Buuuuuuut.... I decided to show up the night before the race to surprise him. He had met up with one of my friends from University for dinner and was staying with one of our best friends. I coordinated with everyone and managed to show up at dinner. He was super surprised to see me there and happy to have someone to cheer him on. 

Race morning arrived and it was cool out with the chance of some serious temperature swings throughout the day. I prepped for the day and met up with my friend Laura and a couple of other friends and we headed out to cheer him on. We saw him at about the 28km mark... and I knew almost immediately that he wasn't feeling it. You see, David is trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon which means that he needs to finish in under 3 hours 5 minutes. He has to have a PERFECT day. This wasn't that day. 

Even though I knew he felt like crap he was still so positive and smiling. He stopped when he saw us to tell us that he was having problems with cramping (which he NEVER has) and that he figured he would be way over his projected time. We said our good lucks and he was on his way again. 

In the end he finished in just over 3 hours 50 minutes, still happy to have finished and still happy to be doing something he loves. Maybe Calgary wasn't his race and Edmonton will be. He has until the end of August to figure out what he needs to do and get more training time in. Fingers crossed! Here are a few photos from the day. 

Mrs. E

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