Tuesday, November 5, 2013

6 Months of Breastfeeding

This post may not be for everyone.... but it's important to me.

This amazing photo was taken by my friend Conni of Constance Pohl Photography... Henry's first meal. She was there to capture His arrival. One day I will post a few more of these photos. 

Earlier this week I realized that I have been successfully exclusively breastfeeding Henry since the day he was born. I mean, he has had a few bottles in difficult breastfeeding situations.... but for the most part, my body has nourished his from the beginning. On average 88% of women initiate breastfeeding in Canada....of those women almost 22% will quit before the end of the first month and 54% continue to 6 months. I know that this may not seem like a big deal but I struggled to get to this point with Sydney. 

Sydney had a slight tongue tie and she was huge. The demand she placed on my body was just too much and I was never able to give her what she needed. I was devastated when she gave up breastfeeding at 5 and a half months after lactation consultant visits and vitamins that just didn't help. I felt like I had lost bonding time with her. I felt like I had failed. 

I know now that there is nothing that I could have done. It was the perfect storm of factors that led to our breastfeeding fail and it is the perfect alignment of factors that make Henry and I so successful. There is something special about that time together. It is something that only a mother and child can experience and I love every second of it. I fully plan on breastfeeding Henry until he tells me he is done and I am proud of myself for doing it. 

Mrs. E


  1. Be super proud! And definitely don't feel like you and Sydney failed. Danny dropped me like a hot potato at 9 months, he totally quit on his own when he was ready (even if I wasn't). Enjoy every second while it lasts!

    1. Thanks Renee! 9 months is awesome! I have heard that 9-12 months is the hardest. I hope that your next baby does that well!