Monday, November 25, 2013

Henry ~ 7 Months

My love for Henry grows so much more each day. 

I am so fully and completely aware of how incredible both of my children are. To me, they are perfect. They fill our lives with joy and challenges and we love every minute of it. 

Our little man is getting so big. At 7 months, he has already battled through his first surgery, been on 4 plane rides and left the country for a month long trip. He has mastered feeding himself puffs and crackers and loves to eat anything we give him to try. He hates bottles and loves breastfeeding. He is great at entertaining himself and is getting better in his carseat. His favorite person in the entire world is his older sister Sydney and he flashes more gummy grins in a day than I ever thought possible. 

At 7 months, Henry has his first tooth! It popped through three days before his 7 month Birthday and it is his new pride and joy (pictures to come when I can get one). He can sit on his own very well but is lazy and often wants to lay down instead. He thinks that he can move forward by making a swimming motion while on his tummy and he has an endless supply of drool. 

Henry has his shots and a check up on Friday so we will weigh and measure him then. From the looks and feel of it he has gained some considerable weight. 

He is getting so big!

Mrs. E

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