Saturday, April 5, 2014

Brass & Baubles ~ Pinwheel Quilt

Even though I haven't had the chance to post pictures of it.... I have been working away in the studio like crazy!

My project list is huge and I have slowly been checking off items one by one. I had a stack of unfinished projects that I am working my way to completion and I couldn't be happier about it! I have crafters ADD and tend to bounce from one project to another but having a dedicated workspace has really helped to keep me focused. I love camping out in my little room and plowing through things that I have needed to focus on. As a result I have a few new things in the shop! 

One of my recent finishes is this super cute pinwheel quilt that I will be posting in the shop tomorrow. It is all hand pieced and quilted and the pinwheels are 3D. The pinwheels are made out of Kate & Birdie's Bluebird Park fabric and it adds the perfect touch of whimsy to the entire thing. I love this little quilt and there will be another, almost exactly the same, that will be headed to the shop soon as well. It is perfect for a baby gift or a little picnic quilt. If you are interested please go to the shop by clicking on the sidebar button or going HERE

By the way.... I am always willing to take custom orders. 

What do you think?

Mrs. E


  1. Turned out amazing! Are you using spray adhesive before you quilt them? Mine don't like to stay super flat.

    1. Thanks! I actually just pin baste everything. I go through a million safety pins but it is totally worth it because nothing shifts.