Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Don't Let Doubt Hold You Back

I am naturally a very anxious person.

I wasn't always that way. I used to be extremely fearless and impulsive and didn't really fear anything. I would never let anything hold be back... especially anxiety. But since having Sydney I have suffered through bouts of postpartum anxiety. Never anything too serious... but it is definitely there. I am very good at talking myself through my fears and still act on impulse often... but I do always think of the kids first. My anxiety stems from their safety and well being and my self consciousness with regards to my post baby body. 

I know that I am strong but I do tend to doubt my abilities when it comes to challenging myself physically. I never know whether I am about to push myself way too far or if I am capable of accomplishing way more than I think I can. More often than not it's the latter.... I am strong and capable and I constantly have to remind myself of that. 

Yoga is helping through all of this. It releases me from my anxiety and helps me push my physical boundaries. It gives me a huge sense of pride every time I achieve something I didn't think I could. This last week was a week of physical breakthroughs for me. I have become very stable in some of my hand balances, I can now touch my nose to my knee in a seated forward fold and I can also get into Mermaid pose... woohoo!

I have been attending 4-5 hot yoga classes a week in preparation for my trip to Costa Rica. My goal is to be fairly confident in my practice before I leave. It is a lot of work but I think it will be completely worth it in the end. 

Mrs. E

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