Friday, May 8, 2015

Henry James ~ Two Years Old

It makes me a little bit misty to write this post.... our little man is 2. 

On April 24th he turned from a toddler into a preschooler and I could not have been less ready. Henry is my baby. I don't know if I will ever have another, so he holds an extra special spot in my heart. Every time he reaches a new milestone it is bitter sweet. 

Henry is definitely our more challenging child. He is very clingy and moody and is pretty quick to dissolve into tears if things are not going exactly his way. His emotions are on his sleeve for all to see and he is a mega momma's boy. He is also the sweetest little man. He so empathetic and concerned about others. He is always there with a hug and kiss to make someone feel better.

Henry is still on the smaller side. He still fits into his 12 month swim shorts and is a total string bean... no extra meat on this kid! He is a fast runner and a great climber (scary!) and he can almost keep up with his sister. He is learning new words and uses them in small sentences and he understands everything we say to him and acknowledges when we ask him to do something. Some of his favorite words and sentences are:

Bakeetball (Basketball)
Dageenfly (Dragonfly)
Watyoudooin? (What are you doing?)
Whereyougoin? (Where are you going?)
Wheredeedeego? (Where did Sydney go?)
Hungee (Hungry)
No like that (I don't like that)

... and lots more. He is a little man and I love him so much!

Mrs. E

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