Tuesday, September 1, 2015

#backtobackbends Challenge

If you are friends with me on Facebook you would have been bombarded with photos of me doing yoga.

During the month of July I took part in the Back to Backbends challenge sponsored by Alo Yoga and hosted by Kino Yoga and Beach Yoga Girl. Each day we had to tackle a different back bend. They were all pre-established and set to build on one another to work on back strength and flexibility. I learned so much about what I was capable of doing during July. Between working on fixing my shoulder injury and building strength in my practice, I have really seen some major improvements. These challenges are an amazing way to get involved in the Yoga community and expand your practice. 

I hope to take part in another one soon!

Here are the photos of my challenge with a few extras thrown in for good measure. 

Day 1 - High Crescent Lunge

Day 2 - Warrior 2

Day 3 - Extended Side Angle

Day 4 - Revolved Side Angle

Day 5 - Intense Chest Stretch or Pyramid Pose

Day 6 - Wide Leg Forward Fold

Day 7 - Seated Splits

Day 8 - Compass Pose

Day 9 - Reclined Hero Pose

Day 10 - Camel Pose

Extra - Tree Pose

Day 11 - Reverse Plank

Day 12 

Day 13 - Upward Facing Dog

Day 14 - Bow Pose

Extra - Flying Pigeon

Day 15 - Inverted Staff Pose

Day 16 - Low Crescent Lunge

Day 17 - Reclined Lotus Pose

Day 18 - Wheel Pose

Day 19 - One Legged Bridge Pose

Day 20 - Dropback Prep

Extra - Practicing Headstands

Day 21 - Mermaid Pose

Day 22

Extra - Working on my Shoulder Injury

Day 23 - Headstand Splits

Day 24 - Scorpion Pose Prep

Day 25 

Day 26 - Cow Face

Day 27 - Locust Pose

Day 28 - Wild Thing Pose

Day 29 - Wheel Variation

Day 30 - Crow Pose

Day 31 - Chair Pose

Mrs. E

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