Friday, September 11, 2015

Yoga Teacher Training ~ Around the Goddess Garden

When I try to explain how beautiful the Goddess Garden and surrounding area really are, I become fully aware that words and photos really can't capture it. 

Now that I am home and I have had time to reflect on the entire experience, I realize how incredibly lucky I am am to have had such a profound experience in such a beautiful location. The lush green rain forest and the amazing plant life made me feel like I was on some super remote island in the middle of nowhere. 

It rained A LOT there, but it was so hot that we all welcomed the wet. There was a fresh, comforting quality to the rain there and I really never slept better than when it rained at night. It was like falling asleep to the real version of those cheesy sounds of the rain forest CD's. I love knowing that untouched corners of the world really do still exist. 

This is the best I could do to capture the beauty in photos. Just imagine that it is still a million times better.

Front Entrance

Our Room

Path to the Yoga Studio, Restaurant and Pool

The View Outside of the Yoga Studio

The Goddess Tree

Those roots were over three feet high!

The beach five minutes from our front door


The view from our patio

Another view from our patio

Panoramic view of the rooms

Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio

Palapa Panoramic


Mrs. E

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