Monday, August 8, 2016

Hugh's First Football Game

Football season is back!

In our family, we take football pretty seriously. We love the excitement of going to a game and try to take every opportunity to go to interesting match ups when we travel. David and I both grew up going to Eskimos games. It was a major part of our childhood that we were always excited to introduce to our own kids. The only problem with football is that it is hard to keep a kid interested for an entire game. This means that we have not taken them to too many games at this point. 

When the opportunity presented itself we decided to take Hugh to his first game. He is still so small and we figured that he would sleep in the carrier the whole time... this was not the case. It was POURING rain at the game. It was so bad that they actually had to postpone the game for a while. And Hugh hated it. He wasn't completely miserable but he didn't want to be in the carrier on me and was having a tough time sleeping.... poor little guy. We may have to revisit the football thing in a little while. We barely made it to half time before we headed out. Next time!

Mrs. E

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