Monday, August 8, 2016

Milk Mommy

I have a major issue.... I have way too much milk. 

This happened with the other kids too. I have a serious oversupply in the beginning. Breastfeeding is the best thing I have ever done but it is so hard to figure out how to store all of this extra milk. I would donate it, but the rules make it very difficult for me to casually donate. I would have to make a minimum commitment to the milk bank and unfortunately I can't do that. So every morning, when I pump at least 6oz of milk after feeding Hugh I have to find space for it in the freezer. We are running out of room but I don't want to throw it away! So far my best storage solution has been a medium sized rubbermaid container and a diet coke box. Both are now full. Suggestions are welcome!

Mrs. E

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  1. Check out the "Human milk for Human Babies" group on Facebook... When I found out my daughter had a cow's milk allergy at 7 weeks, all of the milk I had pumped and frozen was no longer good for her. Like you, I didn't have enough for a milk bank donation but still couldn't bring myself to throw it away. While I am not sure that I would use it myself (as there is no testing of it involved), a lady graciously took my milk for her twins that she was having trouble breastfeeding due to under supply. She just came to my house to pick it up.