Friday, April 27, 2012

Meet Barry

Meet Barry! Or at least the cartoon version of him...

I came home after a long day at work yesterday. I ate dinner, I played with the baby, I hung out with Dave... and then I went to change Sydney's diaper and get her into her pyjamas. When I walked into her room there he was. A tiny Siamese fighting fish in a little bowl on Sydney's shelf.

I called David into the room to ask him what was going on. He exclaimed "Meet Barry! He is Sydney's pet fish!" Ok I missed something. When the heck did we get a fish?! Apparently David took Sydney to the pet store yesterday ( I don't necessarily support pet stores that sell animals) and she was so excited by the fish that he bought her one. I love that she has her own little pet now, but is this not the perfect example of a little girl that has her daddy wrapped around her finger? So cute!

Nonetheless, we now have a new addition to our little family. Welcome to our home Barry!

Mrs. E

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