Friday, April 20, 2012

Toddler Activities ~ Homemade Kleenex Box

Keeping a toddler entertained is a bit of a challenge at times. Sydney is rarely interested in the toys that we buy her. We spend so much money trying to ensure that she has all of the things she needs but she usually wants to play with simple household items that are not her toys.

One of her favorite household items is kleenex. If she can get a hold of a box she will pull every last one out.

So with some creative help from Pinterest and some fabric scraps I had around the house, I made Sydney her own Kleenex box. She loves it!

~ Cut about 30 squares of scrap fabric (Mine were about 10 x 10 inches)
~ Tie the squares together corner to corner until you have one long strip of fabric
~ Place the fabric into an empty wipes container so that it can be easily pulled out
~ Feed the end through the opening of the container and close
~ Show your toddler how to pull them out and watch them go crazy!

Sydney is so excited about her hew toy. She claps when she finally pulls it all out. The best part about this entire thing.... It was FREE!


Mrs. E

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