Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sydney's New Books

If you want to see a super happy child, just give Sydney a new book.

I am a massive book lover. David would probably tell you that I have a reading problem but I disagree. I grew up in a household full of avid readers. My parents always have several books on the go and it was not uncommon to see all of us reading on the beach during family vacations.

Years ago, on a trip to Europe, I actually filled half of my travelling backpack with books. I feared what would happen if I did not have anything to read. friends made fun of me for using up precious packing space for something so silly, but the trip would not have been the same without.

We have been reading to Sydney since she was born. She used to sit on my lap and listen quietly while I read her a book. Of course she did not understand what I was saying, but I knew that the stimulation was good for her growing brain.

No that she is older, our reading materials have progressed. Sitting down to read with Sydney is an adventure. She often reaches out to turn the pages faster than you can read them. She is so excited to get to the next part. I love watching her flip through her books while she carefully examines each photo.

On Friday, Sydney and I took a trip to the book store. We spent a small fortune on books which included four amazing classics that had been adapted for young children. The art work in them is incredible and I love that we can start exposing her to those classic tales that we all grew up with.

The second they were out of the bag she was already flipping through them. It makes me proud to have a daughter who loves to read as much as her mama does.

Mrs. E

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