Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Calgary Road Trip

Last weekend, we took our first family road trip to Calgary.

David had a track meet at the athletic complex there so we took advantage of the opportunity and visited our friends Kevin and Kate while we were there. The drive down was fantastic. Both kids were happy and quiet and we only had to stop once for a quick feeding for Henry. We got there just in time to get some food and sign David in at the meet. He had a great day (even though he was not happy with his performance) and the kids and I tried to hide from the heat while watching him. 

I have to be honest... watching both kids while he was out in the field was completely overwhelming. Henry was in the Ergo carrier and I was sweating my butt off chasing Sydney with him attached to me. At the end of the event I was absolutely done. 

We headed over to Kevin and Kate's house to meet their new puppy Skipper and take a bit of a break. We ended up having a nice relaxing night there. We had Vietnamese food for dinner, walked to the park to play and played with the puppy.

Day two of our trip was even better. It was Mother's Day so we planned a nice family day out. We woke up and showered and the kids and David surprised me with my Mother's Day gift (the Colour me Rad run). We then ate breakfast and hit the road. 

We spent the entire morning at the Calgary Zoo exploring all of the incredible habitats and chasing after Sydney. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed every minute of it. I even managed to feed Henry with him in the carrier so we could keep moving the whole time. We finished up with a quick lunch in the zoo cafe and headed home. 

The entire weekend was so nice. Both kids cooperated really well and the drive home was easy and without any stops along the way. It was nice to know we could venture out of the city without a hitch. 

Mrs. E

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