Monday, December 29, 2014

Brass & Baubles ~ Sister Quilts

I am so excited that Christmas is finally over so that I can share these two custom quilts!

When Megan approached me to do two custom quilts for her daughters I could not be more excited. I have known the girls since they were really little and I could not wait to put something together for them now that they are so much older. Megan gave me a few guidelines and the rest was up to me. it was so much fun to be given so much creative freedom and I found that I actually had an abundance of ideas. 

Serena's quilt was the first design I tackled. She is a ukrainian dancer who loves the color blue. I knew I wanted to do something with an hombre to modernize the look of the quilt. From there it was just deciding on how I wanted to tackle the Vinok. I ended up hand drawing and cutting all of the flowers. Each flower was fused down and then appliqued in place using my free motion foot and a straight stitch. The ribbons are actual Vinok ribbons that Megan managed to find for me. I am so in love with the final outcome. 

Natalia's quilt was a completely different challenge. She is into anchors, zebra print and purple. To tie the two quilts together  I also did this one in an hombre. The anchor was based off of a Tula Pink pattern and it involved sewing together a million little squares to create the anchor before appliqueing it onto the quilt base. The back is a pieced zebra print and I managed to find enough of the print let over to do the binding as well. It is absolutely perfect. 

In the end I know that the girls were beyond thrilled with their quilts. I hope that they will be loved for many years to come. 

Mrs. E

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