Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Has Arrived at the Eliuks

I love this time of year so much.

There is something so warm and inviting about a house filled with lights and Christmas music. The kids are old enough to get really excited about Santa and Christmas and they want to be a part of all of the decorating and prepping.

Our decorations have been up for about three weeks now. We had one free day to tackle everything where both David and I were off. Shift work sometimes make scheduling fun days like this difficult, but we managed to do it. Both kids wanted to help with everything this year. Sydney was in charge of helping her Dad fluff up the Christmas tree and Henry was all over the ornaments. He would say "more!" and when I gave him one he would shove his hand in he tree and let go hoping that the branches would catch it. Surprisingly we only broke one!

Mrs. E

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